Solid Foundation

FoundationTo accept the realities of relationship means you can now start building a solid foundation, instead of trying to build on lies, myths and fantasies. However, to build an effective foundation and to avoid tearing the relationship apart during the power struggle, you need to view the relationship and its struggles as a gift: a gift to inspire and direct personal, inner growth.

  • The purpose of relationship is to have my buttons pushed to inspire personal growth.
  • Commitment to stay and work through the issues is the glue.
  • I am responsible for acting in loving ways, even when I dislike my partner.
  • It is my job to see how my partner expresses their love for me.
  • Trust is built by both of us working through our feelings of hurt and betrayal.
  • I am responsible for my needs, not my partner.
  • I am responsible for my feelings of safety. It takes courage to be vulnerable when I feel unsafe.
  • Every day I will see and appreciate the things my partner does.
  • Sexual tensions inspire growth and maturity.
  • Struggles are the invitation to do my personal work.
  • I will celebrate closeness when it’s present and be comfortable in myself when it’s not.