Lies of Relationship

LiesThe modern view of relationship is based upon a series of lies: myths and fantasies told by Disney; romance novels and movies; and porn films. Believing these lies leads many into a life of heart-ache and misery. These lies contribute to the soaring divorce rates and broken homes.

Here are some of the most important lies. Read them and see how many you believe to be true.

  • The purpose of relationship is to love and be loved.
  • Love is the glue that holds relationship together.
  • Love means always feeling in love.
  • I will feel loved and cherished by my partner.
  • I trust my partner. They will never hurt or betray me.
  • My partner will anticipate and meet my needs.
  • The relationship will be safe and secure.
  • We will share in the tasks and chores equally. It will be fair.
  • We will always be sexually compatible.
  • Ongoing repetitive struggles means I am with the wrong person.
  • My partner will be my friend and companion so that I will never have to be alone.