Problems With My Partner

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Problems With My Partner

My partner is _____

You can fill in the blank. The list is endless: lazy, a workaholic, flighty, unspontaneous, irresponsible, overly responsible, critical, clingy, emotionally unavailable, abusive, angry, and on and on. These problems can result in fights, and eventually separation and divorce. You have tried asking nicely and not so nicely, but nothing seems to change. You have read the relationship books, set boundaries, given the book to your partner to read. While may bring about some minor changes, the problems continue.

Problems and Choices

I am here to bring you news. You have 3 choices and only 3 choices.

  1. Accept that this is your partner and learn to live with the issue.
  2. Accept that this is your partner and end the relationship.
  3. Suffer.

That’s it. The only 3 choices you have.


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July 26, 2016at 4:15 am

So you’re telling me that even if he really loves me he won’t change? 😉

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