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Couple Life Coaching

We offer two-on-two life coaching. Giving you two perspectives on your work.

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Individual Life Coaching

Sometimes it’s better to do individual work to resolve a relationship issue.

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Group Workshops

Gather with other couples to share your successes and frustrations.

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Recent News

Problems Option 1: Accept

In my prior post I spoke of the three options you have when there is something about your partner that you do not like. The three options were: Accept that this is your partner and learn to live with the issue. Accept that this is your partner and end the relationship. Suffer. In this post I will

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Problems With My Partner

My partner is _____ You can fill in the blank. The list is endless: lazy, a workaholic, flighty, unspontaneous, irresponsible, overly responsible, critical, clingy, emotionally unavailable, abusive, angry, and on and on. These problems can result in fights, and eventually separation and divorce. You have tried asking nicely and not so nicely, but nothing seems to

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Irreconcilable Differences

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Rosemary Macadam Recently my partner and I had a couples session with Chris and Ronna. My partner and I were struggling with what felt like a core issue.  This issue has been present since the beginning of our relationship causing much conflict and tension. The conflict centres around the amount of time we spend with each other; I need more independent time and my

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What Our Clients Say

We met Chris and Ronna during one of their weekend intensives in 2015. We were immediately impressed with the caring and authentic way they share their teachings. Witnessing them work together and share their 30 year life as a couple is quite the gift. They are true role models in "walking the talk" and most importantly, showing us how "Radical Acceptance" looks in true practice. Thanks for your work and commitment to the community Chris and Ronna!

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Monica & Andy

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